Videography Services

I script, shoot and edit projects with a specialization in commercial and documentary content.


Creating short documentary style video media for businesses and social platforms is my main focus.


Traveling, taking photos, creating films, and writing about the experience is my passion. Taking on projects that revolve around the travel industry is a goal of mine.


(Page in Progress) I typically shoot photographs in order to supplement the videos I’m creating. Enjoy this gallery, it’s a little bit of everything.

About me…

After graduating film school, I landed a job in VFX production for feature films. But I was always eager to return to my original loves: filming, traveling and editing. My life revolves around operating and expanding my freelance videography business, and I take on each project with complete dedication, no matter the scale. Side note, I have recently become a Korean BBQ and Makgeolli enthusiast.

Get In Touch

  • jonathondickey@gmail.com
  • Based in Seoul
  • 010-3666-1959