Freedom to Examine (Faces of India)

It’s difficult to talk about India without sounding like a middle aged mum (who had an absolutely transcendental experience riding an elephant’s back up a grueling hill in the desert sun).

India can’t be labeled, pinned down or generalized, only experienced. Each state is its own world. And each city is deeply rooted in culture, music, food, and art. But perhaps my favorite take away from the journey was interacting with the people of India. A common thread that seemed to connect everyone, was an overwhelming sense that most people were filled with a deep curiosity. A curiosity about nature, psychology, God, painting, travel, books, food, music, love and everything else that ignites our minds. Typically, when I’m out filming, I’m quite shy to approach strangers. But overtime, I became more confident in approaching people. I think it was because my presence wasn’t met with a stern or annoyed demeanor. It was the opposite, it was people being generally curious as to what I was doing. And when I nodded to my camera for approval, it was usually granted with a smile.

And afterwards, we’d have a short conversation that ranged from cricket, Obama, ancient gods or why Americans always order chicken tikka masala when they dine. This footage is 2 years dated, so I’m slightly bothered with the camera work, but this was true run and gun style filming. I always want feedback, positive or negative. Please let me know what you think in the comment section of Youtube.

Freedom to Examine Words: J. Krishnamurti — Song: Teché Wé — Album: Pulsar — Arist: A.M. Beef — Shot and Cut: Jonathon Dickey

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