Bapu of Rajasthan

This is a short video about a man named Papu who lives in Pushkar, India (a holy city in Rajasthan). He is a talented and ingenuitive musician. He comes from a long lineage of nomadic musicians named Bhopas. He learned to sing, and to play the ravanahatha from his mother and father, and they didContinue reading “Bapu of Rajasthan”

Freedom to Examine (Faces of India)

It’s difficult to talk about India without sounding like a middle aged mum (who had an absolutely transcendental experience riding an elephant’s back up a grueling hill in the desert sun). India can’t be labeled, pinned down or generalized, only experienced. Each state is its own world. And each city is deeply rooted in culture,Continue reading “Freedom to Examine (Faces of India)”